The Goryachy Klyuch is one of the most stable economic territories in the region of Krasnodar. The region is located at a height of 72 meters above sea-level in a wooded zone in the foothills of Caucasus and it is officially recognized one of the ecologically purest places in our planet. 80% of the wooded areas consist of oak forests. The company "Dialog” was grounded namely in this unique place in 1999. The main trend of the company’s activity is oak wood extract production.


The founder and the owner of the Yard is Alexey Sula.

"DIALOG” Ltd. delivers oak extract both to the companies in Russia, and to the partners abroad (Byelorussia, Armenia, Spain, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Turkey).


At the moment the company owns the patents for the number of inventions:


- Method of processing of an oak stave - Patent No 2318016 from 09.08.2006;

- Method of determination of the raw cellular tissue in the vegetative raw material - Patent No 2343482 from 07.11.2006;

- Method of processing of a worn oak stave - Patent No 2327735 from 26.10.2006;

- Method of regeneration of an oak wine barrel - Patent No 2428466 from 12.04.2010;


Long-term work experience and top-ranked specialists of the company maintain a high quality standard of produced product as well as keep a friendly relationships with the partners.


FiE2011 Natural Ingredients Exhibition in Paris.

Exhibition "Enolitech" Italy 2012

Exhibition "Ingredients Russia 2013" in Moscow

Exhibition "International WINE FIRE" 2013 London


FiE 2013 Natural Ingredients Fair in Frankfurt